The flat screen. The patio set. The vehicles. Who gets what? It’s simple... all you have to do is agree.

At iLendingDIRECT, we know that’s easier said than done—especially when it comes to your cars.

Vehicles are different. Unlike your other possessions, it’s not as easy as deciding who keeps which car. If you’re both on the loan or lease, you’re both responsible—it doesn’t matter who is driving it or where it is. If your ex-spouse misses a car payment, it will affect your credit. If they total the car, you’re still on the hook for the deductible. If you’re on the title, you’re responsible.

That’s why we encourage our customers to refinance their vehicles during the divorce process. On average, iLendingDIRECT saves our customers $144/month on their car payments.

  • Financial Protection — Protect your asset and your credit. Refinancing both of your cars means you are each responsible for your own vehicle.
  • Simplicity — Convenient online process. Skip the DMV! iLendingDIRECT takes care of all of the paperwork for you, including title and registration.
  • Savings — You may be able to lower your monthly payments and skip a payment, putting more cash in your pocket to pay for divorce-related expenses. On average, we save our customers $144 per month and $2,357 in interest over the life of their loan.

Start now to take back ownership of your vehicle, or call us at (844) 790-9001 to reach an expert loan consultant.